From A to Z – Summoner Showcase #36

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Summoners! Your weekly dose of community content has arrived!

Here are the submissions that make the Showcase what it is:

Anime Expo 2011 Cosplay!
Our fearless photographers Chiibii, Synthesse and Mundas step right into the middle of an anime jungle to deliver pictures of cosplayers in their natural habitat.

Divine Soraka
Weatherlight lives up to her summoner name with a bright and beautiful human Soraka cosplay

Gentleman Cho’Gath Etching
Murdoco has such fascinating things to show us, including this etched mirror!

LoL Alphabet
Dogmantra and PierreAbelard created the perfect mix of stylized art, rhyming and elementary appeal.

Trundle Art
Operion finds beauty in the beastly champion, a difficult feat to undertake!

Caitlyn Ragdoll
Avrienne kept her hands busy during the Dreamhack live coverage and sewed up a rag doll, complete with yarn hair and wire monocles. If she can program video games in her sleep, she might be the most efficient person we’ve ever known.

That’s it for this week! Your submissions keep each other company so make it a party!

We’ll see you next week!