Familiar faces – Summoner Showcase #45

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HighFive (http://jouste.blogspot.com/)
Jouste the Drawbarian continues to challenge himself with daily scribbles of a League of Legends theme.

Katarina (http://bit.ly/oTEcYf)
Stplmstr graces us with diverse and highly enjoyable art, especially for fans birthdays!

Rammus Belt Buckle (http://imgur.com/GLqiy)
Ian combines business with pleasure and games with fashion to make a functional belt buckle. We agree that it’s OK.

“Sexy” Ezreal (http://bit.ly/n8TywE)
ShowMeYourMoves puts Rule 63 of the Internet to the test with these beautifully drawn champions.

Ezreal Fed Their Tryndamere (http://bit.ly/rrbJQs)
Morphogenetics and Contrapuntalist tell us a story of free to play week, and the fateful match that took place.

Strut (http://bit.ly/pwUj1T)
ScriptKittie can’t stop the League art from flowin’ and has a wealth of drawings to share with us.