Dwarven Dairy Drive Livestreams 2013

Livestream page: http://www.twitch.tv/yogscast
Donations/Rewards page: https://www.humblebundle.com/yogscast

Streaming over December at 7pm GMT (2pm EST, 11am PST)
Sunday 1st: GMod LIVE First Night
Monday 2nd: Strippin and Sparkles Spectacular
Tuesday 3rd: Hannah, Kim and Simon: The Mandrew Years
Wednesday 4th: Sjin and Sips LIVE Doing Stuff
Thursday 5th: Parv rocks DOTA2 with Purge and PyrionFlax
Friday 6th: Dream Team Megastream with Martyn/Strippin/More
Saturday 7th: Dunc’s Farm Sim with Sjin+Lewis
Sunday 8th: Race for the Wool LIVE vs Hat Films
Monday 9th: Ali-A and Strippin: Donations Cranked
Tuesday 10th: Stream Time with the Blackrock Crew!
Wednesday 11th: Simon, Lewis and Teutron Fighting Fantasy
Thursday 12th: Davechaos and Duncan Double D + Others
Friday 13th: Hat Films: A Hat Too Far
Saturday 14th: Nilesy’s Protessional Strem: Protesh Hard!
Sunday 15th: MoonQuest LIVE
Monday 16th: Surprise Guest!
Tuesday 17th: Hannah and Kim: Ladies Night
Wednesday 18th: Civ 5 Challenge LIVE
Thursday 19th: Hexx This! Duncan’s Hexxit LIVE
Friday 20th: Hat Films: A Fistful of Hats
Saturday 21st: Zoey’s Pro-as-heck Livestream
Sunday 22th: Lewis and Simon watch Jingle Cats or something
Monday 23rd: Surprise Guest!
Tuesday 24th: Nilesy’s Protessional Strem: A Good Day to Protesh
Thursday 26th: Turpster’s Incredibly Awesome Livestream
Friday 27th: Ridgearound with Ridgedog
Saturday 28th: Athene and Reese Guest Stream
Sunday 29th: Post Christmas Chilltime with Rythian and Friends
Monday 30th: Martyn and Sparkles Funtime Donation Drive!
Tuesday 31st: Surprise Guest!

Humble are setting us up with the site for free and it’s great because it allows you to pick where the money goes – but also it allows us to give something back to you guys!

Oxfam: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/
Special Effect: http://www.specialeffect.org.uk/
Little People UK: http://www.littlepeopleuk.org/
Games Aid: http://www.gamesaid.org/
Warchild: http://www.warchild.org.uk/

Stuff we’re giving back to you because you’re awesome: [all this stuff will be individual steam keys you can give away or use yourself]

Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
Shank 2
Magicka: Wizard Wars
Napoleon: Total War
Team Fortress 2 – Heart of Gold Exclusive Item
Painted green: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/c/c0/Painted_Heart_of_Gold_32CD32.png
Painted pink: http://wiki.teamfortress.com/w/images/9/9d/Painted_Heart_of_Gold_FF69B4.png
War of the Vikings – Yogscast Hat unlockable from Mid-January

We have limited keys, so donations over $25 will unlock all these rewards but would obviously be thrilled with anything you can spare at this time of year for those less fortunate.

There’s also a special DLC for Sonic All-Star Racing coming out on Steam from the 6th of December featuring Simon. It’s being done separate to the humble store because they wanted to do it for Special Effect Charity only, but Valve and Sega are waiving all fees and 100% of money earned from it is going to charity.

Of course more games/charities may get added or adjusted, but everything on humblebundle – meaning all donations above $25 will get absolutely everything, including things we add later to the package later!

All monies raised go straight to the charities, everyone involved is doing this for free so a massive thank you to Humble Bundle, SEGA, Valve, Runic Games, Torn Banner Studios, Klei Entertainment, and Paradox.

All money from yogscast livestreams, any and all revenue we’ve ever received from twitch.tv ads, twitch.tv subscribers etc has and will continue to go into the charity fund.

All earnings from any christmas songs (old or new), christmas related videos and trickled income from old christmas stuff will also all go into the pot. This includes money from iTunes, bandcamp, or any other sources.

Also any donations to the yogscast from any source over the year will go back into the pot.