Doing League art right – Summoner Showcase #75

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This submission by Kaiser shows just how big the attitudes of our smallest champions can be.
Kas999’s gorgeous submission is heavy on theme, and by no means light on talent.
We’re glad that Hyun90 decided to stick it to us with animation celebrates the versatility of being a stick figure, to bring us this amazing video hhighlighting the skills of some of our most notable champions.
This adorable video created by LoLily shows us the plight and the determination of a brand new Summoner, trying to hone her skills.
If you have ever wanted to bottle-up a yordle and carry its cuteness around with you wherever you go, Minkadin’s creative idea presents you with a solution.
We have seen quite a bit of League-inspired cosplay, but the attention to detail in Hyiakuza’s Queen Ashe surely hits the mark.