Crown Conquest Round 1 – Lewis & Simon

13 teams fight for survival in this epic quest for three golden crowns! Who will win? Who will lose? Find out as your favourite YouTubers go head-to-head in three rounds of Crown Conquest!

Check out the intro to this map which is specially made by Sjin:
Randomised chest and plugins and extra gubbins made by TheVoxelBox:

Watch other teams’ viewpoints here:
Sips & Sjin:
Hannah & Duncan:
Nilesy & Panda:
Area 11:
Rythian & Zoey:
GameChap and Bertie:
Captain Sparklez and allshamnowow:
Hat Films:
Martyn and Crainer: (Martyn) / (Crainer)
Bebopbox and Vareide: coming soon!
DaveChaos and Gar: (DaveChaos) / (Gar)