Creations at your fingertips – Summoner Showcase #72

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Kalaveras’s slightly-creepy but totally awesome, concept art for Fizz is the last thing you would want to see on a scuba diving trip. Feeding time!
Damie really nailed it with this astounding Fizz-inspired manicure art!
This delectable creation sent to us by TehSwampFox shows us a cake that is just too awesome to eat!
Hiddleston’s sculptures prove that with some astounding attention to detail and just a pinch of creativity, it is indeed possible to make Teemo look even cuter.
This submission does a great job showcasing Kongh’s musical talents!
Whoever said that you need more than 8 bits to show radness has never seen these splendid little 8-bit pixel champions submitted to us by Skeld.