Cosplay Highlights 2012


Song: PopLove 2012
Mix made by: Robin Skouteris

So this is my Cosplay Highlights 2012 video, I’ve also made a 2011 one which you can see here:

What is is about? It’s a special year ending video dedicated to the cosplays I’ve appreciated and seen this year. I’ve also added some special footage for some cons where I filmed but wasn’t able to make a video with.

This is based on MY OWN personal opinion. If you don’t agree then you can GTFO. 😀

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Interested in following the cosplayers in the video? Here’s the list of their pages on facebook:

Ainlina Cosplay
Nikita Cosplay
Pichu Cosplay
Calssara Cosplay
LucioleS Cosplay
Shoko and Jerome Cosplay
Leonor Gracias Cosplay
Enellyas Art
Astria Cosplay
Ako & Maho Cosplay
Clef Cosplay
Lexi Cosplay
Lyel Cosplay
Ludo Erendrym Cosplay
Ivys Envies
Chipie Cosplay
Paine Cosplay
Illyne Cosplay
Dino’s Arts and Crafts
Kura Inran Cosplay
Melizenn Cosplay
Ally Cosplay
18Fly Cosplay
Nebulaluben & Erikku-kun
SakuraFlames Cosplay
Muralu Cosplay
Dadou Cosplay
Yumi Cosplay
Nomes Cosplay
Ryuu Seika Cosplay
Sayuri Cosplay
Cosplay Quest
Sikay Cosplay
Robin Cosplay
Shuxx Cosplay
Feeracie Cosplay
Himiko Cosplay
Chibi Cosplay
Made in Heaven Cosplay
Lynah Cosplay
Kalimsshar Cosplay
Kotori Cosplay

I hope you guys enjoy the video and HAPPY NEW YEAR!