Cosplay Highlights 2011


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Nikita Cosplay – (Sailor Moon, Asuka)

Pichu Cosplay – (Maria, Miku Hatsune)

LucioleS Cosplay – (Rikku)

Shoko and Jerome Cosplay (Gabranth, Skull Knight)

Maho Cosplay (Character from Phantasy Star Online 2)

Clef Cosplay (Stocking)

Lyel Cosplay (Paine)

Ludo Erendrym Cosplay (Tiger)

Midori Cosplay (Meiko, Marisa Kirisame)

Dragon Cosplay (Kaito -Love is War)

Paine Cosplay (Esther Blanchett – Trinity Blood)

So this is a special year ending video I did. It composes of all the great cosplay I’ve seen / taken photos / taken videos of this year (2011). This reflects MY OWN opinion alone so you can all hang me to death if you think that my list isn’t that good.

Lots of copslay didn’t make the cut and it was so hard to choose. I also took advantage of using unused clips from 2 conventions namely Festival Harajuku and Paris Cosplay. In any case, I’m happy for having a great 2011

Looking forward to 2012 for more epic and great cosplay + other fun surprises.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the video and HAPPY NEW YEAR!