Art power – Summoner Showcase #61

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JamieTC has a lot of patience. Maybe even too much patience. We just can’t imagine the amount of detail work it took to render Amumu’s bandages so perfectly!
FabulousBilly imagined League of Legends as a fighting game, and then took it upon himself to show the world what it would be like. Complete with heavy-hitting, health-bar depleting combos, this video will leave you asking why more people don’t play Twisted Fate.
Olivier knows there’s only one REAL go to champion when you’re out to shoot people in the face with lasers, and has provided us with some hilarious comic strips featuring the Lady of Luminosity, Lux.
PickyWiky has an affinity for cosplay, and shows off an awesome Exiled Morgana costume!
Beautiful Blashi has graced us before with her Evelynn cosplay, but this Kog’Maw plushie is proof that she is quite the multi-faceted talent. And doesn’t he just look so soft and fuzzy?
Badministrator knows how to make a parody song worth listening to. So whether you’re having a good day or not, check it out!