Anonymity FTL – Summoner Showcase #28

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Now feast your eyes on the entries:

Real Men Don’t Wear Pants []
LordWalmart and TrIIIp wish their friend Jamie a happy birthday by mocking his taste in trousers, it would appear. At least cake comes with the deal.

Nyandalee []
Nobody knows who made this. The spirits of the internet came forth to harness the great power of a flying pastry cat and soaring javelins. Whoever you are, Summoner, thank you.

LoL Time []
Cody gives us one more addition to the Showcase that could not be ignored. It’s for a good cause – turning lemons into lemonade, shall we say? Just sing louder than everyone else when they sing the real lyrics. Carrying, carrying yeah!

Swimsuit Babes and Studs []
Where to start? Lord Albrekt has a slew of fashionable swimwear for Katarina, Lux, Garen and many others, which prompted VeLOLciraptor to add her own take on Sona’s bikini. Not to be outshined, an evasively anonymous summoner will not fess up to creating the LoL Swimsuit Studs. What a shame.

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