All sorts of awesome – Summoner Showcase #76

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Olaf & Blitzcrank
These unique renderings of Olaf, Blitzcrank, Sion and Wu’Kong show us that creativity and attention to detail can bring a new kind of epic-ness to our champions, courtesy of BadBear Neiv.

Blocky Sculptures
Feel like your minions aren’t strong enough? Build your own! Mohikan decided to create his own block-sculpture version of our minion friends, along with a couple of other familiar League styles.

Ahri in the Window
If staring out the window just isn’t doing it for you, try adding some league art to it, such as this Ahri in the Window art created by Klatismrk.

Singed Art
This gorgeous submission by Soberia shows the more colorful side of the mad chemist.

My Experience with the Butcher
This fan-fiction submitted by EtherealDragon gives us a glimpse into the inner workings of the mind of a slightly disturbed summoner with some stunningly-woven language.

I Just Played Jax
Area of Defect’s new music-video parody features some members of Counter Logic Gaming and highly quotable lyrics like, “you’re the opposite of canned goods: likely to perish”