A deviant charm – Summoner Showcase #44

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Justice on Swift Wings
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DarkRaveNL88’s skill shines almost as brightly as Kayle in this piece.

You Smell Like Burning
SugarSpaceBunny applies unique perspective and style to Annie.

How About a Drink?
Treelub and AxelXemnasDemyx appreciate real-life alchemy by making Singed into a bartender.

Pika7 can’t help but make everything adorable, as shown in this champion art thread.

Exiled Morgana Charm
Ennekappao is a master of sculpting, as proven by this commissioned phone charm.

Bloodmoon Figures
Deadmyth took action figures and gave them a nice upgrade, now they’re owning lanes as Shen and Akali.

STRmage loves LeBlanc’s mysterious charm, and can prove it with this picture.